DTC Communications selected for the FBI Tactical Mesh/Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET)

Domo Tactical Communications

9th August 2017

DTC Communications, Inc. (DTC), a leader in Mesh Ad Hoc Networks and Video Broadcast technology announces that is has received an award as prime on a $100M IDIQ (Multi-Award Contract) to support the FBI’s Operational Technology Division with the multi-band Phase 5 NETNode and SOLO8 Software Defined Radios (SDR) systems.

DTC has a rich history of industry leading Mesh and Broadcast solutions across a wide spectrum of demanding applications.  Including world class sporting events from marathons, to yacht racing and a variety of motor sports, our remote transmitters and Mesh networks have been the choice of professional broadcasters and Network providers.

The Phase 5 NETNode IP Mesh Multiple Input/Multiple Output (MIMO) radio provides a self-healing and extremely scalable wireless IP network in both ground and airborne applications. This highly flexible mesh topology means that data can be exchanged between nodes in a point-to-point, or multi-point fashion and the range can be extended by using nodes as repeaters. DTC’s self-forming mesh architecture provides high-capacity multi-domain IP connectivity that sits seamlessly alongside private and public networks.

The SOLO8 SDR (Software Defined Radio) supports dual High Definition HD-SDI inputs and is available in three package configurations designed to meet the specific needs of law enforcement. The SOLO8 SDR also provides both USB and Ethernet I/O interfaces for maximum flexibility. The Ethernet interface supports IP streaming of video via both ‘RTSP’ and multicast streaming compliant to ONVIF Profile S. The SOLO8 SDR unit can effectively be an IP encoder, front end recorder, a COFDM transmitter, or an IP Mesh NETNode in one box.

“DTC is proud to have been selected to support the FBI’s tactical Mesh initiatives. The proven DTC NETNode Phase 5 and SOLO8 SDR systems will provide the FBI with highly configurable Mobile Ad Hoc Network capabilities that can be deployed and operational in a very short time,” said, Juan Navarro, DTC’s CEO.

To contact us by phone, please select one of the following regional offices:

  • + 1 800 665 4648

  • + 55 11 2321 5055

  • + 44 (0) 1489 566 750

  • + 45 8791 8100

  • +61 408 695 168

  • +65-66434700


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