DTC is launching its new SOL8SDR-H Special Role Radio at Security and Policing 2018

Domo Tactical Communications

26th February 2018

Domo Tactical Communications (DTC), the wireless communications specialist, is launching its new SOL8SDR-H Special Role Radio at Security and Policing 2018. The SOL8SDR-H is designed to meet the requirements of Tactical and Special Operations applications where robust encrypted, tactical mobile communication links are needed to provide enhanced situational awareness.  The SOL8SDR-H utilises the DTC COFDM waveform to provide High Bandwidth data, video and audio in challenging, dynamic, Non-Line of Site (NLOS) environments where our users operate.

The SOL8SDR-H joins DTC’s versatile family of IP Mesh and point-to-point (P2P) COFDM radios designed to meet the requirements of a diverse range of surveillance and battlefield applications. It combines a familiar “Personal Role Radio” physical form factor, robust construction and simplified user interface with the ability to use industry standard battery packs, chargers and webbing pouches.

Based-on DTC’s game-changing SOL8 Software Defined Radio (SDR), the SOL8SDR-H is equally at home operating as a Tactical Mobile Adhoc Network (MANET) IP Mesh node, a P2P COFDM Transmitter or a P2P receiver streaming video to a tablet PC.  The SOL8SDR-H also offers dual on-board HD-capable video encoders and support for a variety of different camera interfaces, including HDMI, to stream live video in an operational environment.   The radio also features an “open mic” full duplex audio channel, in-built GPS receiver and on board SD card as well as 2W of output power providing extended range and penetration in RF hostile environments.

The SOL8SDR-H Special Role Radio and our other security and surveillance products will be on Stand D32 during Security & Policing 2018. For more information, please email solent.info@domotactical.com or click here.

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