DTC launches the world’s first Triband Mesh Radio

Domo Tactical Communications

19th July 2017

Domo Tactical Communications (DTC) today launches the world’s first Tri-band Mesh Radio. Covering the Federal L, S and C bands, the Tri-band Mesh is primarily targeted at Adaptive Central Receive (ACRX) applications and offers the class leading performance of DTCs fifth generation MiMo Mesh, which includes a new enhanced intelligent routing algorithm to further increase real-world throughput. The Triband Mesh Radio will also find favor with tactical customers who wish to choose the best possible operating frequency on a per-deployment basis.


Commenting on the launch, DTC Chief Executive Juan Navarro said “In launching the Tri-band Mesh, DTC today reaffirms its commitment to the law enforcement market. The Tri-band capability is a genuine first and positions DTC as the natural choice for ACRX applications in the US and Worldwide.”

To contact us by phone, please select one of the following regional offices:

  • + 1 800 665 4648

  • + 55 11 2321 5055

  • + 44 (0) 1489 566 750

  • + 45 8791 8100

  • +61 408 695 168

  • +65-66434700


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