Phase 5, High Throughput Mesh product portfolio launched

Domo Tactical Communications

Novemeber 2015

DTC Phase 5 mesh, Defining the Art of the Possible

DTC’s latest P5 technology provides proven high-capacity multi-domain IP connectivity in challenging environments that sits seamlessly alongside existing public or private infrastructure. The ability to project a significant bi-directional capability into areas unreachable by existing technologies is tremendously powerful and can play a pivotal role in surveillance operations.

P5 is the next generation Mesh software designed for installation on both dedicated radio platforms and the multi-capability SDR as a software application. All P5 platforms offer the benefits of standard Mesh but are also MIMO capable for double data throughput (25Mbps). This makes them a compatible and robust addition to the P4 range, although with the added benefits of increased bandwidth options up to 10MHz with increased throughput (25Mbps). All P5 platforms are HD ready with dual video encoders built in. In standard Mesh mode the Phase 5 platforms offer up to quad receive diversity for extremely robust performance and maintain diversity receive for MIMO modes in the NETNode 5R/P.

P5 platforms use greater power consumption than P4 platforms as they have two radios in one enclosure to support MIMO mode. P5 are particularly suited for users where higher throughput is necessary, such as surveillance infrastructures, broadcast and downlinks.

Unnique Features:

Compatibility: With backwards compatibility, all of our DTC Mesh products can communicate with existing hardware, meaning you can enhance the equipment you already have, not replace it. Proven, non-line-of-sight capability. Our products penetrate into NLOS environments making it ideal for inner city environments when the ability to communicate quickly and easily is mission critical.

Multiple applications:  With the latest P5 technology and new smaller, robust enclosures, DTC has a cohesive range of products and applications, from front end concealment to infrastructure nodes.

Dual HD encoder:  P5 Mesh platforms have dual HD encoding built in.

Flexibility:  Multiple applications, standard and MIMO Mesh, recording, streaming and 4G integration all on the same platform.

POE: Power over Ethernet options available



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