Video IP and Sensors
Award winning overt and covert COFDM Video and IP surveillance and Broadcast systems with Domo technology at its core.
  • Camera & Sensors

    DTC’s camera and sensor solutions provide capabilities from environmentally hardened cameras to miniature devices designed specifically for near field, typically covert surveillance scenarios.

    Video Surveillance

    DTC overt and covert COFDM Video Surveillance systems with Domo technology at its core, enable the monitoring and recording of critical video data through non-line of sight (NLOS) and line of sight (LOS) transmission systems.

    IP Mesh Solutions

    DTC IP Mesh Systems, offering high throughput, non-line of sight coverage (COFDM), suitable for mobile and fixed surveillance infrastructures, enabling networks with extended range along with true networked integration of video, audio and GPS with seamless transfer of digital data

    Unattended Ground Sensors

    DTC’s Integrated Surveillance Solutions combine its cutting-edge technology with system integration expertise. DTC offers customised solutions for a new and growing surveillance and situational awareness challenges in areas such as border control, internal security and critical infrastructure protection.

    Video OEM

    DTC OEM products for professionals. Offering Domo Video OEM boards suitable for point to- point and point-to-multipoint, digital wireless products and solutions. Technology you can trust at the heart of your products.

At the forefront of wireless broadcast technologies, DTC develops cutting edge wireless transmit, receive and IP technology for the broadcast market.
  • Wireless Broadcast Solutions

    DTC Broadcast Solutions, complete with Domo technology at its core, offer wireless transmit, receive and IP solutions, providing real technical and operational benefits to newsgathering, live production and other high profile applications in solutions that empower the user to broadcast without boundaries.

Covert Audio and Video
With more than 30 years experience, Spectronic offers state-of-the art covert audio and video surveillance systems.
  • Covert Audio and Video

    DTC's covert audio and video surveillance solutions provide high-quality tamper-proof audio and video recordings, audio transmission systems as well as over-the-horizon live streaming, monitoring and recording.

C2 Software Solutions
DTC secure Command and Control (C2) Software solutions offer mission and asset control with network management across our Video and Tracking product portfolios.
  • Command & Control Software

    DTC Command and Control Software solutions offer encryption and encoding imbedded, allowing users to share their networks without any compromise to security, making complex networking simple.

Tagging Tracking Locating Cellular
DTC's covert tracking equipment is suitable for tracking and locating people, vehicles and assets of all sizes, in any environment
  • Tagging, Tracking, Locate & Intercept

    DTC's tracker RDF system offers covert tagging, tracking and locating within a dedicated, secure network without a reliance on commercial infrastructure (GPS, cellular or satellite).

    Cellular Solutions

    DTC's cellular solutions built on a strong foundation of market leadership and innovation. Our cellular product range is protocol and frequency agile, enabling intelligence gathering and locating activities.

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