Airborne Mesh White Paper

DTC’s latest MIMO technology provides proven high-capacity multi-domain IP connectivity in challenging environments that sits seamlessly alongside existing public or private infrastructure.

Global demand presents many and varied challenges for communications systems to provide high capacity, robust and secure data links in environments of ever increasing complexity. The ability to project a significant bi-directional communications capability over the horizon or into areas unreachable by existing technologies is tremendously powerful. To achieve this DTC’s latest generation of Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MIMO) capable Mesh radio provides a step change in performance offering up to 25 Mbps across a private network.

DTC’s IP Mesh systems are not reliant on public or commercially available networks, for either wireless video transmission or onward distribution of data. This makes them more secure, flexible and robust for law enforcement, military and intelligence agency organisations across the globe

Public or commercial networks, such as 3G and 4G, undoubtedly offer simple, easy to use and low cost communications but they suffer significant issues with coverage and network congestion for critical applications. This is particularly a problem during large scale events where such networks are rarely capable of delivering advertised data rates. In these situations private networks using Government or private interference free spectrum are required to provide guaranteed bandwidth.

One of the major strengths of an IP based data radio system, such as DTC’s NETNode, is in the seamless integration of the two; combining private networks for critical applications with public or commercial communications infrastructure where available.

This white paper details the application of DTC’s NETNode Mesh radio system to airborne applications and illustrates the hitherto unachievable real world performance.

Download the full white paper here:

DTC Airborne Mesh White Paper



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