DTC Mesh Interlink Mode

Distributed Antenna Systems – DAS – are being increasingly deployed in Cellular networks. The fundamental idea of a DAS System is to improve coverage by linking multiple distributed antennas in a defined area into some sort of network and therefore providing a higher reliability service.

DTC has implemented a form of Distributed Antenna system within the existing DTC NETNode Mesh network. The aim of the DTC system mis to increase the effective capacity of the Mesh network by reducing the need to ‘hop’ data between Nodes where at all possible.

The Interlink mode allows an operator of a DTC NETNode Mesh network to link nodes together via an IP network and then the DTC NETNodes can send data over this secondary network where at all possible rather than using the Mesh radio network. The Interlink mode has been in the NETNode system since 2012 but recent software changes have made it even more user-friendly and easier to implement.


Download the full white paper here:

DTC Mesh Interlink Mode White Paper



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