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Uncrewed (UxV)

Communicate Without Compromise
Swarm of UA Vs

The rise in global demand for Robotic, Uncrewed and Connected systems has created a requirement for innovative, reliable and secure connectivity solutions. DTC is a pioneer in the creation of wireless RF Uncrewed Communication solutions and has the experience, knowledge and capabilities to assist all areas of industry in meeting these challenges.

DTC is a pioneer in the creation of wireless RF Uncrewed Communication solutions and has the experience, knowledge and capabilities to assist all areas of industry in meeting these challenges.

Our radio products are developed by a 60-strong engineering team based in the US and Europe, with combined expertise in RF, IP, PCB design, video encoding, equipment packaging and certification. We are renowned for developing a ‘technical partnership’ between the Uncrewed platform design team and the radio supplier. We are also proven in service, with over 5,000 DTC radios on Uncrewed Ground Vehicles (UGVs) in Defense, Law Enforcement and Public Safety applications.

Our technology solutions are available in both finished boxed product and OEM PCB formats to enable our customer to integrate their solution of choice seamlessly into their Robotics platforms.

DTC’s COFDM technology provides unbeatable, robust and secure communication for UGVs around the world, repeatedly demonstrating Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) performance superior to competing solutions. With a comprehensive product portfolio, from simple digital video links to the latest IP Mesh and Software Defined Radio systems, DTC has a solution to meet every need.

  • High Data Throughput
  • Outstanding NLOS performance
  • Excellent performance in challenging & Harsh RF and Topographical environments
  • Long-Range & High Data Throughput; proven BVLOS capabilities
  • Low SWAP-C OEM radio modules
  • 144 radios on same frequency for swarming applications
  • Radios from 320 MHz to 6Ghz in various frequency bands
  • Encryption up to AES 256 including with US FIPS 140-2 accreditation
  • Common waveforms across all hardware versions

When SWaP Matters

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COFDM Point-to-Point Applications – Uncrewed Ground Vehicles

In an environment when time is of the essence, low latency communications are key. DTC Point to Point solutions are utilized by bomb disposal and search teams around the world to provide low latency video and audio (under 25mS) and enable their users to make mission-critical decisions. DTC’s solution offers reliable, narrowband connectivity in the harshest of RF environments. Video can be received on fixed or mobile receivers to offer complete flexibility.

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IP Mesh Applications – Uncrewed Ground Vehicles

IP Mesh radios offer high data rate connectivity to UGVs in difficult RF and operational environments. The fluid self-healing, self-forming Mesh architecture allows UGVs to exchange and relay mission-critical video and data, both between units and to command elements. Range can be extended by utilizing repeater units or other Mesh enabled assets.

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IP Mesh Applications- Autonomous Surface Vessels (ASV) and Sensor Platforms

IP Mesh technology is utilized for the command, control and monitoring of autonomous marine vehicles and sensor platforms. Self-forming networking allows for information retrieval from remote sensor platforms by air assets and also the protection of maritime borders by integrating the Mesh network with other sensor platforms. ASVs can be launched from a mothership and relay information between themselves and the command center.


IP Mesh Applications- Autonomous Connected Vehicle Solutions

IP Mesh radios are used in Connected Vehicle solutions to transfer video and telemetry data both between vehicles and to control stations. DTC radios are currently used in vehicle testing and training environments around the world by leading manufacturers.

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