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Revolutionizing Mesh Technology


MeshUltraTM MeshUltra-XTM
Multiple Talk Groups
Greater Range
Cognitive Radio Capabilities
Interface Avoidance Scheme
144 Nodes
Interlink Support
16 Talk Groups
ATAK & WINTAK Integration
Intelligent Routing Optimizes LPI/LPD Performance
True Multicast Support
On-Board Encryption with FIPS140-2
Hardware Platforms
MeshUltraTM MeshUltra-XTM
OEM Based Solutions based on: SDR-C (2x2 MiMo) D1740 Platform (2x4 MiMo)
Supported by a range of amplifiers with output powers of: 2x1W, 2W, 5W

Next generation of intelligent mobile ad hoc networks (MANET)

DTC has long been the leader in Wireless IP Mesh technology. Our Tactical MANET IP Mesh waveforms were designed from the ground up for robust performance in the most demanding dynamic environments, free from the compromises of competitive solutions that are based on consumer standards.

Time and again, DTC Mesh excels not just on the datasheet or in the lab but in the most demanding real world applications.

DTC are global leaders in wireless COFDM IP Mesh Waveform.

  • Self-Forming, Self-Healing (MiMo)
  • Higher Throughput
  • Greater Spectral Efficiency
  • Multiple Talk Groups
  • Greater Range
  • Cognitive Radio Capabilities
  • Interference Avoidance Scheme (IAS)


Why MeshUltra™

Mesh Ultra powering DTC 01

Higher Throughput

With channel bandwidths up to 20MHz and adaptive modulation up to 64QAM, DTC MeshUltraTM supports data rates of up to 87Mbps. Unlike some competitors, we specify real, usable payload data rates – not gross over the air data rate, including overheads.

Dtc spectral efficiency chart NEW COLOURS 01

Greater Spectral Efficiency

With Auto-Adaptive Modulation up to 64QAM, MiMo transmission and DTC’s unique token-based channel access mechanism, MeshUltraTM works to achieve the highest possible real-world throughput from even the narrowest channels. With bandwidth options down to 1.25MHz, the DTC MeshUltraTM can access spectrum in which competing Mesh systems simply will not fit.

SDR H Scenario 1

Multiple Talk Groups

DTC is well known for its low latency Mesh talkback, facilitating crystal clear full duplex communications between multiple users. MeshUltra™ adds to this capability with 16 selectable talk groups to allow multiple separate talk groups or hierarchical talk schemes.

Original 2

Greater Range

Noise-optimized RF design and high performance LDPC error correction coding, together with our custom developed Tactical Mesh waveform and automatic MiMo mode switching allows MeshUltra™ to deliver DTC’s longest ranges yet – up to 20% further than our previous MiMo Mesh mode.

The MeshUltra™ Family

Mesh Ultra logo 01

Choice Not Compromise

DTC’s MeshUltra™ waveform family is a range of High Performance Tactical COFDM MANET IP Mesh waveforms optimized for different deployment scenarios to ensure that our customers always get the best possible performance rather than a “one size fits all” compromise solution. The whole MeshUltra™ waveform family is supplied as standard on all DTC Phase 5 NETNode products and Mesh-licensed SOL8SDR radios, allowing customers to choose the best waveform for each deployment and to freely swap between waveforms even after purchase.



MeshUltra™-M has been developed to deliver outstanding throughput and robustness in very dynamic “high mobility” scenarios such as Motor Racing, Unmanned Vehicle control or street level tactical surveillance. It rapidly updates information on network topology and link quality to ensure that every transmission is delivered via the best available route. Supporting up to 24 nodes and channel bandwidths up to 20MHz and delivering throughputs up to 87Mbps, MeshUltra™-M delivers rock solid connectivity in the most demanding of environments.

DTC Final105 edited


MeshUltra™-X was designed to support very large Mesh Networks such as those often required for Dismounted Soldier communications or networked Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS) whilst delivering industry leading real-world throughput in the narrowest of channels. It aggressively minimises metadata in order to avoid unnecessarily compromising user payload data capacity and benefits hugely from the “no contention” network delivered by DTC’s proprietary Token-based channel access mechanism. MeshUltra™-X supports up to 144 nodes in channel bandwidths as narrow as 1.25MHz and scales to channel bandwidths up to 5MHz.

Mesh Ultra logo 01

MeshUltra™-80 (MeshUltra™)

Previously known simply as MeshUltra™, MeshUltra™-80 offers support for up to 80 nodes and throughputs of up to 87Mbps in a 20MHz channel. It offers good overall performance in a wide range of deployment scenarios.

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