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Domo Broadcast featured in TV technology, the missing link: where is the RF for 4K?

Jul 6, 2016
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TV technology discuss the future of 4K and debate the practicality of systems currently available in the market place and how Domo Broadcast are addressing their own 4k solutions.

For Domo Tactical Communications (formerly Cobham) it’s all about making 4K production work – that is, to get it on a screen properly. Latency is the primary issue, especially for sports.

“Until the latency reduces, 4K will continue to be a challenge,” says Domo’s broadcast sales director, JP Delport. “For example, if people are using H.265 algorithms to encode data, which on paper is 50 per cent more efficient than H.264, there’s still a heck of a lot of encoding going on, which by its nature increases latency. Until such point that Domo can provide the industry with a demonstrably usable 4K solution, we’re going to stick with 1080p. 4K can be done, and we’re working on it, but it will only be unveiled when it’s absolutely ready at the lowest possible, usable, latency.”

There are a variety of ways to bring 4K to TV screens in the RF domain. Delport believes it will require the adoption of a new encoding algorithm, which will be H.265 or HEVC.

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