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Domo Tactical Communications participates in ANTX

Oct 18, 2017

Herndon, VA, USA, 18 October 2017: Domo Tactical Communications (DTC), a world leader in maritime communication solutions, celebrates successful participation in the Naval Sea Systems Command’s (NAVSEA) Advanced Naval Technology Exercise (ANTX.)

DTC demonstrated the effectiveness of their NETNode and SOLO8 Software Defined radios, leveraging COFDM IP Mesh technology, in an exercise hosted by the US Navy. The exercise focused on Battlespace Preparation in a Contested Environment, an ideal and real situation in which the robustness and flexibility of DTC’s Mesh technology shines.

Neil McSparron, Chief Technology Officer at DTC, said: “DTC is currently experiencing tremendous success supplying high capacity IP and Video Mesh networks into a variety of maritime applications. Specifically, we are providing communications for both Military and Civilian unmanned vessels and general high capacity secure maritime wireless IP communication. The DTC Mesh offers proven advantages in robustness, throughput and range, all the key performance parameters. DTC appreciated the opportunity to participate in the U.S. Navy’s Advanced Naval Technology Exercise (ANTX 2017) enabling us to showcase the advantages of the DTC NETNode products in the Naval warfare domain.”

PowerDocks LLC, experts in providing renewable energy through autonomous marine solar-powered platforms, integrated DTC radios to enable live video streaming from the platform to shore. Anthony Baro, Managing Partner at PowerDocks, said, “The DTC IP Mesh Video Data Communication System was easy to integrate into PowerDocks Blue IslesTM micro grid floating platform, and it performed flawlessly at ANTX17 Naval Showcase. We are happy to collaborate with DTC and are excited to expand our business relations to complement Blue IslesTM product line with DTC IP Mesh Product Solutions.”

In addition to streaming broadcast-quality video, DTC integrated with iXBlue’s subsea position tracking equipment, GAPS. DTC Mesh provided live video streaming from iXBlue’s deployed surface vehicle, as well as seamless IP connectivity to the positional data stream. Morgan Eash, Support Operations Manager at iXBlue, said “Because of your radio and technical support, we were able to display real time tracking data in our tent for customers at ANTX.” DTC also integrated with additional exhibitor’s equipment to provide data access and sharing with the NAVSEA command center.

DTC’s Mesh exceeded expectations, seamlessly adding Nodes on power-up and healing upon shutdown, offering smooth data and video connections exceeding the tested range of approximately 2 miles.

Jessica A Shaffer, ANTX Technical Lead at The Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) Newport said, “The technology exercised at ANTX17 BPCE was impressive in both scope and breadth. The participants pushed the envelope with their R&D during the in-water exercises, with many companies collaborating and introducing hardware in the water for the first time.”

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