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DTC announces the release of the SDRAPP-Rx point-to-point COFDM receive application for the SDR transceiver

Mar 23, 2018
Shutterstock 316789976
Shutterstock 316789976

Domo Tactical Communications (DTC) announces the release of the SDRAPP-RX point to point COFDM receive application for the SOL8SDR Software Defined Radio transceiver. This new streaming COFDM receive mode adds to the SOL8SDR’s already market-leading functionality which includes dual video encoding, IP video streaming and recording, COFDM point to point transmit and MANET Mesh transceiver modes, as well as an integrated low power narrow band telemetry radio. All this in an enclosure measuring just 50mmx50mmx18mm and weighing a mere 63 grams, which is ideally suited to unmanned air and ground vehicles (UAV/UGV) as well as body-worn applications and surveillance concealments.

Commenting on the release, Rob Garth, DTC Product Director said “the release of the SDRAPP-RX underlines the versatility of the SOL8SDR platform. The product’s software defined architecture allows the user to add additional operating modes and waveforms just as one might add new apps to a smartphone. In thirty seconds, a SOL8SDR operating in MiMo Mesh mode can be transformed into an ultra-low latency point to point COFDM transmitter or receiver, with no need for any hardware changes.”

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