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DTC celebrates manufacturing its 250,000th radio

Nov 18, 2020
20200925 155410
20200925 155410

DTC Communications, Inc., (DTC) today announces successfully manufacturing and delivering its 250,000th DTC radio. DTC is a world leader in tactical communications and has delivered over a quarter of a million commercial radios to the U.S. and 18 NATO countries for military and law enforcement use including mission critical unmanned systems and professional Broadcast coverage across the globe.

“DTC radios just WORK,” is what we hear most often from our customers. This consistent feedback is based on DTC’s Quality based core manufacturing competency and strict adherence to the IPC-A-610 Class 2 standard with ISO 9001:2015 compliant and accredited processes.

Andy Fookes, Head of Operations & Supply Chain Management, credits the team in the UK, Denmark and US Facilities, including the ten qualified Contract Electronics Manufacturing (CEM) partners globally. “From design to delivery, the DTC Team is integrated and focused on delivering the highest performing radios. We are well supported by our Supply Chain Partners and rely on their expertise to enable our production output. Day in and day out, the DTC Operations Team procures, plans, picks, assembles, tests, packs and ships product to our customers. We are delighted to have reached this significant delivery milestone, and it reflects on the enormous effort from the whole Team and the wider business.”

“This is an exciting day for DTC. We celebrate the 250,000th benchmark along with every DTC employee for their dedication to innovation, quality and the critical mission of our customers,”

Juan A. Navarro, CEO, DTC.

DTC has been at the forefront of innovation for over 38 years, developing leading edge surveillance and communication technologies for successful operations in demanding environments, from the digital battlefield through to the urban jungle and the literal jungle. DTC’s commercial solutions, securely share and communicate real-time situational awareness on land, water and in the air. The DTC digital wireless Video and IP Product line originated in 2002. Prior to 2002 the systems were analog. DTC has world experts in Video encoding and RF modulation. These individuals participated in defining multiple International communication and video codec standards and have led teams that produced the world’s first DVB-T COFDM Modems, the world’s first MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video codecs.

About DTC

Headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, DTC is a world leader in commercial mission critical tactical communication solutions for the Military, Law Enforcement, Intelligence Agencies and Unmanned Systems. DTC’s differentiated Waveforms deliver the greatest range and throughput with the lowest latency yielding secure real-time situational awareness in the most challenging environments.

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