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DTC joins offshore exercise to detect oil spills at sea

Jul 19, 2017
Shutterstock 603056141
Shutterstock 603056141

Domo Tactical Communications recently took part in an offshore exercise, conducted by Oil Spill Response Limited, which was designed to understand how remote sensing technologies could help detect oil spills at sea more effectively. Special Projects Account Manager Gavin Smillie, with a team of engineers, provided live streaming video and audio from 12 nautical miles off the coastline south of the Isle of Wight from a fixed camera on-board the OSRL Vessel, 2 bodycams on separate vessels and a mounted camera on a kite all linked via a COFDM IP Mesh network.

The IP Mesh network was transmitted to a fixed point on the Isle of Wight where it was then transferred onto a 4G Public Network and relayed into the OSRL operating base in Southampton where it was again transported to various locations worldwide including Singapore providing live decision making updates and information to the OSRL teams. A full diagram of the locations live video and audio streaming can be seen below.

Phase 5 is the latest generation of DTC’s IP Mesh radio family offering built-in dual HD video encoders and MIMO capability for our highest ever data capacities. IP Mesh radios can be combined in a secure, fluid self-forming, self-heading Mesh network containing up to 16 nodes. The radios exchange bidirectional IP data in a single RF channel, simplifying frequency management. The entire Mesh transmission can operate in a bandwidth between 1.25 and 10MHz and employs DTC’s unique COFDM modulation scheme offering excellent RF penetration and performance in the presence of multipath. Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) technology transmits two signals in the same channel almost doubling the available data capacity. Various form factors are available from bodyworn to mobile to fixed infrastructure radios.

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