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IP MESH specialist for seaports

Nov 23, 2017

A modern commercial port faces many challenges to security, whether from people trafficking, smuggling, theft or terrorism. A high level of situational awareness is vital in order to combat these threats and also to maintain operational efficiency. At the same time, the increase in automation brings its own demands in terms of data communication and remote control of port assets.

Traditional CCTV and data link systems have significant limitations when applied to a dynamic port environment – containers and port assets are continually being moved around, vessels come and go on a daily or even hourly basis and security monitoring needs to be rapidly reconfigured as new threats are identified.

Domo Tactical Communication (DTC) offers innovative mission-critical wireless video and data link solutions which are ideally suited to this challenging environment. DTC Mesh and Point to Point COFDM solutions can provide extremely robust links to wireless cameras located around the port – whether these be on that gantry of a container handling crane, the deck of a vessel or covertly hidden around the port.

The DTC COFDM waveform is also particularly well suited to operating in the heavy multipath environment experienced around and in between container stacks, conditions under which traditional wireless links often struggle.

And for critical IP data links – to remote data terminals or autonomous handling systems for example – the DTC Mesh creates a self-forming, self-healing secure IP data network around the port area, providing a level of robustness and availability that Wi-Fi based solutions simply cannot match.

Please visit us at the upcoming PORTCON conference in Long Beach, California, November 27-29 to learn more about our solutions.

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