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The history of DTC

Jul 11, 2016

DTC was formed in 2016 when Marlin Equity Partners, a leading private equity firm, based in California, acquired the Tactical Communications and Surveillance division from the British company Cobham Plc.

The DTC group compromises of five value streams with an emphasis on their strong historic brands, coming together once again to create a cohesive surveillance and broadcast product portfolio. Backed by an award winning engineering team, DTCs trusted technology is at the heart of everything we do.

DTC has a global reach, with regional offices based in the United States, United Kingdom, Denmark, Singapore and Brazil.

Our history at a glance:

Domo founded in 2002, a leader in non-line of sight wireless COFDM Video and IP technologies. Adapting standards and technologies used in digital television broadcasting, to bring the highest quality video images, in real time, across multi platforms, such as, body worn, fixed and mobile infrastructures, to the law enforcement, surveillance and emergency services communities. Domo was acquired by Cobham in 2005 and in 2011 was merged with Micromill and MMI, relocating into the current UK Solent facility.

Micromill founded in 1978, specializing in superior RF radio systems, primarily for security and surveillance markets. In 1992, the company extended from radio direction finding into unattended ground sensors (UGS), which further expanded the company’s overall market portfolio. In 2001, Micromill was acquired by Cobham and in 2011 was integrated into the current Solent facility.

MMI Research founded in 1997, originally focused on creating computerized control systems for the maritime markets, diversifying its direction to focus on cellular technology for the security and communication industry. In 1999, MMI’s first product, the GSM-X, was launched and in 2006 MMI created the world’s first UMTS solution. In 2008, MMI was acquired by Cobham and in 2011 integrated into the current Solent Facility.

Spectronic founded in 1983, with a focus on developing high quality covert audio surveillance solutions for law enforcement, intelligence and military operations worldwide. Since the beginning, the company focused on their Danish roots and most products are named after characters from Nordic mythology. In 2004, Cobham bought Spectronic and in 2008 the first covert video product was released.

DTC started in New Hampshire, USA in 1993 from a merger of a number of companies. They were a leader in wireless video surveillance solutions for law enforcement agencies. In 2005, the company offered COFDM video for the first time with the Palladium product line and the same year Cobham acquired the company. In 2012 Cobham moved the manufacturing of the video product line to the UK.

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