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Wireless communications links enable advanced UAV operations

Aug 9, 2022
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AUVSI connected with Rob Garth, Product Director, Domo Tactical Communications (DTC)

The uncrewed systems industry is maturing, and with that growth comes increased demand for high-performance, robust communications links that can power applications for complex missions.

AUVSI connected with Rob Garth, Product Director, Domo Tactical Communications (DTC) – a leader in mesh ad hoc networks – to discuss how the company’s broadband tactical wireless solutions enable UxS to communicate without compromise. He also shared insights on trends in the small UAS and large UAV markets and applications.

Trends in Communications for Uncrewed Aerial Systems and Vehicles (UAS/UAV)

“The current state of the industry is very dynamic,” Garth says.

In the small UAS space, Garth notes trends towards an increase in swarming-teaming operations. While previous operations would use simple links from one ground station to one aircraft, customers are moving towards operations with one operator overseeing multiple aircraft. For these operations, mesh architecture is becoming common because it enables coverage of larger areas and automatically deals with the routing of traffic over multiple hops.

Customers are also expecting a higher performance standard in small UAS, comparable to performance levels of traditional ground-based radio. UAS applications for defense and law enforcement are increasingly relying on communications technologies that can operate in contested spectrum and resist jamming and interference.

In the larger UAV space, Garth notes continued upward demand for bandwidth. Data demands are constantly increasing to support high-definition cameras, LiDAR, and other sensing payloads onboard aircraft. Aircraft that previously used narrow band links now require tens of megabits to support enhanced, sophisticated sensors.

The third market trend Garth notes is in the business of broadcast, such as broadcast wireless systems for sporting events or news coverage. Drones extend areas of coverage in difficult terrains or locations where traditional helicopters are not the best choice. As autonomous drones become more widespread in broadcast, demand for enabling radio technology will also increase.

DTC is very much able to meet all these requirements with our BluCore™ products. With our software defined radio architecture, we can offer the ability to scale channel bandwidth to highest data rates and for long-range uncrewed systems users.

Rob Garth, Product Director, Domo Tactical Communications (DTC)

BluCore Radio Technology Family for Uncrewed Systems

The BluCore™ family of products serve demanding use-cases in both the commercial and defense sectors, from military and law enforcement to power line and railway inspections.

BluCore™ gives new customers an easier way to navigate DTC’s large product range based on range and type of aircraft, maritime system, or land-based robotics.

“By simplifying the product line and selection, the BluCore™ family helps customers to feel confident that they’ve chosen the right product for their needs,” Garth explains.

The family of products meet needs for the smallest quadcopters up to large UAVs. Customers can also mix and match within the same mesh network to link long-range UAVs with small UAS.

All products access DTC’s proprietary MeshUltra™ waveform communications links that provide robustness at range, jamming and interference resistance, and the ability to change frequency if interfered with.

For very long-range flights over national borders, DTC has a number of multi-band radio solutions available that can change frequency band based on jurisdiction over which they fly.

DTC also brings expertise built from supplying mesh links to the UxS industry for almost two decades. Their sales teams in the United States, Europe, and Asia understand regulations in various jurisdictions.

Learn more about the BluCore™ Family and DTC’s solutions for uncrewed systems, including:

  • BluCore-6, ideal for size and weight critical UxV applications;
  • BluCore-30 for medium-range UAV products;
  • BluCore-90 for long-range UAV applications, suitable for installation both as a mobile and fixed site system; and
  • BluCore-200, DTC's highest power Mesh product for extreme long-range applications.

BluCore™ wireless communications links offer the performance, throughput and robustness of DTC’s MeshUltra™ MiMo IP Mesh waveforms together with industry-leading SWaP, flexible form factors and multiple power levels. And fast delivery too!

If you have any questions in regards to the BluCore™ Radio Technology Family, please contact your local sales representative, or email

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