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Small Form Factor Software Defined IP Mesh Radio
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The SDR-C is a small form factor software defined radio designed both as a standalone bodyworn / concealed transmitter and transceiver, and for integration into a variety of other systems.


Breakout connector options allow the SDR-C to retain its compact size and weight of just 70g and 50mm x 50mm dimensions while offering a wide range of customizable interfaces, including the option to add additional off-board 1W, 2W and 5W amplifiers for greater range, performance and throughput.

The SDR-C incorporates an additional ISM-telemetry band transceiver for control, PTZ and low-power standby. Twin H.264 video encoders with SD-HD-SDI inputs offer unrivalled video performance with 128GB of recordable storage.

  • MeshUltra™, MIMO and Standard IP Mesh capability
  • Interference Avoidance Scheme
  • Transmitter / Receiver / Transceiver
  • Interlink connection across different bearers
  • AES128/256 COMSEC
  • Dual H.264 video encoders


  • General
  • Transmitter / Receiver
  • Video / Audio / Data
  • Electrical and Mechanical
  • Related Accessories
  • Frequency Range
    039091 320-470MHz + 902-928MHz tel.
    132043 1.14-1.50GHz + 433.05-434.79MHz tel.
    132086 1.14-1.50GHz + 863-870MHz tel.
    201043 1.67-2.35GHz + 433.05-434.79MHz tel.
    201086 1.67-2.35GHz + 863-870MHz tel.
    201091 1.67-2.35GHz + 902-928MHz tel.
    234043 1.98-2.70GHz + 433.05-434.79MHz tel.
    234086 1.98-2.70GHz + 863-870MHz tel.
    234091 1.98-2.70GHz + 902-928MHz tel.
    470043 4.40-5.00GHz + 433.05-434.79MHz tel.
    470086 4.40-5.00GHz + 863-870MHz tel.
    470091 4.40-5.00GHz + 902-928MHz tel.
    575091 5.50-6.00GHz + 902-928MHz tel.
  • Power Output
  • Power Input
    8-18VDC reverse polarity protected,
    7.5W-9.5W power consumption (AV mode dependent)
    DES encryption (standard),
    AES128 encryption (option),
    AES256 encryption (option)

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