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Law Enforcement

When lives are on the line
Law enforcement

We know that the most effective surveillance solutions are built on a deep understanding of the client’s needs, combined with the use of cutting-edge technology.

We have 30 years’ experience in the production of high-performance overt and covert video and audio surveillance solutions. These provide the highest levels of quality, a vital factor in the identification and monitoring of criminal activities. DTC has a global presence with tens of thousands of units in operational service, we continue to develop solutions for law enforcement agencies facing the toughest challenges in securing public safety.

  • High security. No reliance on public or commercial networks
  • Non-contested COFDM channels and low latency
  • Proven reliability. 24x7, 365 days a year
  • Enables bearers to be combined within a single system

When lives are on the line


Safe Cities

The DTC Safe Cities solution provides law enforcement and government agencies with advanced technologies to effectively predict and respond to a range of common city threats. The solution offers a private and secure network of scalable surveillance and communications capabilities - to help protect cities and keep citizens safe.

This integrated surveillance and communications network offers fast, reliable access to real-time visual, audio, location-based information and evidential material, whether city-wide or in defined areas.

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Overt surveillance

Our overt video and IP systems can be deployed rapidly, making them ideal for situations such as crowd control or a hostage siege. Because they include independent, NLOS, long-range transmission, commanders can be confident that they will receive reliable, high quality, real-time video. And they are very versatile – they can be quickly relocated as they aren’t reliant on external networks.

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Covert Surveillance

The ultra-miniature SDR is compact (54mm x 50mm x 11mm), and has a very low power consumption and low heat emission. It is therefore ideal for specialist concealment applications. It is a reliable, NLOS video and audio solution that doesn’t rely on external networks and can be rapidly concealed for long or short term deployments. It also has store and forward capabilities to assist with data retrieval and ensures constant evidence whilst helping to keep the officer safe.


Mesh deployments

Our IP mesh technology is a fluid self-healing, self-forming mesh architecture that can play a pivotal role in surveillance operations.
It provides high data rate connectivity in challenging environments, with a bi-directional capability that enables users to exchange and relay mission-critical video and data in areas that are unreachable by other technologies.

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