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Mission Commander

Local and server based software suite for radio, video and sensor management
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Mission Commander is a Windows-based software suite that allows manual and automated configuration, management and integration of DTC IP transmission equipment, video data and networked intelligent sensors.

Mission Commander

Mission Commander exists as a standalone program (Mission Commander Tactical) and in multi-site client/server format (Mission Commander Strategic).

Mission Commander provides a single interface to manage all aspects of RF spectrum allocation and AES encryption keys employed across a tactical network, with a visual representation of the geographical deployment of equipment. It provides the vital information required to make informed real-time decisions. A multi-format compatible video player is included allowing AES decryption and supporting an array of common video codecs including H.265. Mission Commander also supports common return PTZ formats including VISCA and PELCO.

  • Integration with public and private networks
  • RF, encryption and video management
  • 3rd party camera and VMS support
  • Multi-server / multi-client
  • Smart failover
  • User authentication and access management


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At the Heart of National Security

Mission Commander is trusted with the management of deployed wireless video surveillance systems and distribution of intelligence within multiple G7 states at national level across multiple security, intelligence, policing and military response agencies.

With national security at stake, Mission Commander has been designed with dual priorities in mind - high performance video and radio asset management and information sharing in diverse network environments, and extreme reliability through multiple failover systems, inbuilt redundancies and intelligent routing.


Distributed Architecture for Mission Critical Reliability

Due to the fully distributed nature of Mission Commander Strategic server components there is no single point of failure. The architecture of the system offers automatic fail-over and protection against network and server hardware related malfunctions and system redundancy supporting mission critical operations. One or more servers will run many deployments with automatic backup and fail-over and many client workstations can connect to any of the deployments with full user authentication and access management control.

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Secure Information Sharing

Nation-level users often conduct surveillance and policing operations through multiple national agencies. Additionally large cities will often have dedicated counter terrorism or paramilitary units. Collaboration between agencies and units is increasingly desired for the most complex or serious of investigations, however these multiple entities are not able to share their private IP networks. DTC offers a solution that allows separate organizations to easily but securely share IP video streams between closely defined users or groups of users in external organizations without compromising access to their entire network. Both DTC and generic third party IP video streams can be shared via the Mission Commander Federation solution.

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AV Data Conversion and Redirection

Stream Converter is a component application of the Mission Commander software suite which acts as a gateway for digital video streams into and out of a customer network.

Many VMS systems are designed assuming a wired connection to every camera and experience significant reliability issues when connected to a wireless surveillance feed.

The Video Transcoder option allows the system to modify codecs and convert IP data streams. This resolves problems encountered when attempting to interface legacy IP video streams, or specialized low latency IP video streams into standard commercial Video Management Systems (VMS).


  • General
  • Related Accessories
  • Minimum System Requirements - Server
    Windows 2008 R2 or newer
    64-bit OS
  • RAM
    4GB minimum
  • Minimum System Requirements - Client
    Windows 7 or newer
    64-bit OS

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