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Robust Mobile MANET Radio

The NETNode RM is the 5th generation of DTC’s NetNode IP Mesh radio family, building on 15 years of end user feedback.


Conceived for dual mobile/stationary use in crewed/uncrewed vehicles and as a fixed-site infrastructure node, the RM’s highly practical and robust form factor allows long-term installation in almost any location under even the most extreme conditions.

RF power outputs ranging from 2W, 5W and up to the industry-leading 15W high power variant allow the RM to reliably cover previously unattainable ranges, perfectly suited to create ‘backbone’ coverage for an entire network or extreme range point to point links.

Four transmit/receive antenna ports giving diverse MIMO signalling means the RM offers DTC’s highest data rate of 87Mbps of real payload throughput, pushing signals beyond line of sight even in complex RF environments.

The component parts of the NetNode RM radios are available as OEM bare boards for platform integration.

  • MeshUltra™, MIMO and 30W of RF output power
  • Dynamic Spectrum Access
  • 2W, 5W and 15W of RF output power
  • Triband capacity
  • Interlink connection across different bearers
  • Range NLOS - >2-5km single hop; >300km air to ground




The NETNode RM's deliberately simple form factor, rugged construction and refined ergonomics mean that one radio can be employed in a multitude of different use cases - the RM is equally viable permanently installed on a rooftop, mounted inside or outside a mobile asset or fulley integrated into an unmanned ground vehicle. Diverse connectivity connections and protocols allow the RM to be used equally well as an on the move voice communications radio as an infrastructure node permanently integrated with other data bearer systems.

NET Node RM product image

RF Performance

The NetNode RM incorporates 4 antenna ports working in both transmit and receive mode allowing a multitude of different antenna configurations. Antennas can be manually installed in offset arrays, as panels facing in multiple directions or as a single MIMO solution.

With smart sensing, the RM is able to detect degraded antenna performance and automatically fail-over to a reduced capacity mode, ensuring that communications remain up even in the event of physical damage to the antenna array.

Coupled with the RM’s 15W of output power, this means communications can reach farther and be relied upon in the most austere conditions.



With its small form factor and designed for environmental resistance, the RM is suitable for installation both as a mobile and fixed site system, employed in terrestrial, airborne and maritime environments.

DSC 0667 005 no handheld

Industry Leading Video

Designed for the most demanding audio visual performance, the RM is capable of brightness and video motion detect triggering, and can handle two simultaneous HD/SD/PAL/NTSC video input streams with H264 compression and 64Gb of onboard storage with as little as 10ms of latency.


  • General
  • Transmitter / Receiver
  • Video / Audio / Data
  • Electrical and Mechanical
  • Related Accessories
  • Frequency Range
    032047 320-470MHz,
    120170 1.20-1.70GHz,
    165240 1.65-2.4GHz,
    198255 1.98-2.55GHz,
    230250 2.30-2.50GHz,
    300370 3.30-3.70GHz,
    420440 4.20-4.40GHz,
    440500 4.40-5.00GHz
  • Power Output
  • Power Input
    10-18VDC (12V nominal),
    12-25W consumption,
    10-32VDC (28V nominal),
    120W consumption for 15W variant
    DES encryption (standard),
    AES128 encryption (option),
    AES256 encryption (option)

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