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Single Board UxV Transceiver
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The SDR-UC is a multi-role Mesh transceiver with built-in amplifier, composed of one single board.


Designed with large-scale multi-role integration in mind, the SDR-UC is rich in connectivity options including Ethernet, USB/RNDIS, RS232 / RS485 and analogue audio.

At just 15mm thick, weighing only 110g but with a full 1W of RF power, the SOL8SDR-UC has the size and weight of an airborne SDR with the power of a terrestrial node.

  • MeshUltra™, MIMO and Standard IP Mesh capability
  • IAS (Interference Avoidance Scheme)
  • Transmitter / Receiver / Transceiver
  • Interlink connection across different bearers
  • AES128/256 COMSEC
  • Enclosed in an EMC compliant housing



The Heart of Integration

The SDR-UC is designed to be the core of a wide range of systems. In legacy radio boards, twin 1W transceiver capability meant the use of bulky separate amplifiers, complex and fragile cabling and mounting requirements, and multiple boards vulnerable to obsolescence issues and difficult maintenance and integration. The SDR-UC incorporates all the functionality of DTC's high performance Software-Defined Radios with a full 2W of output power on one single board measuring just 15mm thick.

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Feature Rich

The SDR-UC packs a wide range of interface options into a single board, with 7 individual connectors including RS-232, Ethernet, twin USB ports, RNDIS USB, support for 3G/4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth peripherals and analogue audio I/O. Able to operate both as a Mesh transceiver and also unidirectional transmitter/receiver, the SDR-UC supports industry-standard DVB-T as well as DTC's high performance narrowband COFDM waveform.

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Industry Leading SWaP (Size, Weight & Power)

The SDR-UC weighs just 110g and measures 95mm x 60mmx15mm - the thickness of a pencil and the width of a US dollar bill.

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Power Efficiency

With an input voltage range of 8 to 17V and consuming just 7W in IP Mesh mode, the SDR-UC functions as the communications core of other platforms without costing unmanageable power overheads. Two different power input ports, including USB PD (USB-C), ensure that the SDR-UC is not only efficient but easy to power from a multitude of sources.


  • General
  • Transceiver / Receiver
  • Audio / Data
  • Electrical and Mechanical
  • Related Accessories
  • Frequency Range
    120170 1.20-1.70GHz
    178229 1.78-2.29GHz
    *198270 1.98-2.70GHz
    440500 4.40-5.00GHz
    *550600 5.50-6.00GHz
    * In development
  • Power Output
  • Power Input
    8-17VDC (12V nominal) via 4-way JST connector or USB-PD,
    7W consumption in IP Mesh mode, 14W in COFDM unidirectional TX mode
    DES encryption (standard)
    AES128 encryption (option)
    AES256 encryption (option)

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